Sunday, November 22, 2009

Facebook & Myspace

Weather you prefer Facebook or Myspace Darlingtonia Moccasin Company can be found on both social networks. Friends, followers & fans will always be the first to know about new moccasins, promotions, and more.

If you login to Facebook every once and a while, daily, twice daily or more come become a fan. You can view items for sale at on Facebook by visiting the MY ETSY tab on Darlingtonia Moccasin Compay's Facebook Fan Page . Also, a direct stream of this blog can be found in the NOTES section.

If you love Myspace & use it as your main social networking site come by and send a friend request! You can start receiving news bulletins about new blog posts and new Etsy listings. You will also find an Etsy Mini where you can browse moccasins for sale on Etsy.

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