Sunday, November 29, 2009

News & Updates

As of today Darlingtonia Moccasins have been viewed over 7,754 times by Etsy shoppers all over the world. Interest has grown on Myspace (275 friends), Twitter (547 followers) & Facebook (54 fans) as well.

Also, Darlingtonia Moccasins have been featured in the following 3 blogs this weekend:

New designs will be available for purchase on Etsy by next weekend, to give you an idea of what to expect 2 of the shoes have been named: Pretty in Pink & Black Tie. I hope to have at least 3 new designs!

New photos of already available designs will also be making an Etsy appearance soon.

Gift certificate listings have been delayed but I am working hard to get my computer and printer to reconcile their differences and to work together. I hope to have all issues resolved by the end of this week as well.

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