Thursday, January 28, 2010


Finally I have taken a few much needed photographs of the soles of my moccasins.

All my moccasins are softsoled so technically the have no sole. The bottom of the shoes is the same leather as the rest of the shoe. However, they are outdoor ready. I wear a pair just about every day. I don't recommend walking in puddles but damp pavement will not destroy them.

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  1. I ordered a pair of minnetonkas last year like these, they have no hard sole. I had the shoemaker add a thin sole and they walk amazingly.

    I love the shoes you make!!Unfortunately if I would order them , they will be send as a package and customs will pick them up here (the netherlands) and add taxes which I have to pay when they deliver at my house.

    But i iwill keep on admiring them from a distance and I will post something about them on my blog so more people can admire your beautifull work!